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Training Opportunities for Job Seekers

Basic Life Skills Training (Informal)

From our local networks we scout for as many training opportunities as possible for our job seekers. We also organise volunteer trainers to present workshops on various life skills to help motivate and orientate them. These events might play a crucial role in turning our emotions to a winning mentality, so necessary for survival and giving our best in our quest to find work.

We like to help people “between jobs” with training opportunities on a variety of relevant subjects and basic life skills. We recruit volunteers from our network to present these workshops free of charge or at a minimal cost. We also make use of facilities made available by churches, organisations or businesses.

Typical subjects covered include:

  1. How to compile your CV correctly;
  2. How to maximise a job interview;
  3. How to use the Internet effectively in my search for work;
  4. What if debt is killing me?
  5. How to work your way out of debt;
  6. How to manage your money better;
  7. How to deal with adversity and depression;
  8. How to manage your stress;
  9. How to manage change;
  10. How to get a winner’s mind-set;
  11. Basic Computer Literacy;
  12. Better Self-Knowledge;
  13. Effective Listening Skills;
  14. How to stimulate your creativity;
  15. How to better your parenting skills;
  16. How to improve your marriage;
  17. Learning how to forgive and move on;
  18. How to improve your health during tough times;
  19. Spotting Money Making Opportunities;
  20. Great Business Ideas from recognising needs and opportunities;
  21. Problem solving by thinking out of the box;
  22. How to grow your own vegetables;
  23. How to nurture chickens and ensure a healthy supply of eggs;
  24. Learning the basic principles of Perma Culture;
  25. How to maintain a healthy body and mind;
  26. How to start your own business;
  27. Could anyone be an successful entrepreneur?
  28. Basic skills necessary to run a successful franchise;
  29. Etc

We appeal to all Trainers in our Christian Communities to volunteer their services on any of the above subjects to their nearest branch managers.

These courses/workshops are organised from time to time by the individual branches. You should contact them for updated information on courses/workshops that are due.


Professional Skills Training (Formal)

We also network around the various SETAS and training service providers, as well as the businesses that need to initiate the training opportunities by applying for the skills levies they pay over monthly to the SLF (Skills Levy Fund).  We would like to see job seekers enhance their competencies and improve their chances of finding work, or establishing a new business venture.

There is a huge priority put on the developing of especially technical skills, as we currently have such a shortage of these skills in South Africa. Our training initiative is called JOBTREE and has the potential to give thousands of jobseekers the opportunity to gain all kinds of professional training free of charge. In fact, they can actually be paid to do the training.  This is a bit of a tricky process to initiate and manage, but we are keen to see how this program is going to expand into a huge success story. More about these initiatives soon.

We put a priority on opportunities to select potential entrepreneurs from our Christian Community and train them in basic entrepreneurial skills (See Entreprenerial Courses on our website). This is the route towards creating the new jobs we so deperately need for our people.

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Robert Clunie

"Stephan Naude (Branch Manager at our Roodepoort Branch)submitted this Testimonial:

“I had nearly given up on a job search; the market was cruel and saturated and the economy of South Africa did..."

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